Specialized Local

Bryce & Susan Bouchard
Cliff & Judy Fenlason
David & Vicki Frazier
Jonathan & Jayne Frazier
Bill & Lynn Lewis
Mark Miller
David & Meg Robbins
Darrell & Vollie Sanders
Wayne & Angela Sneed
Cosmo & Susette Tomaselli


Muslim World

6 Undisclosed Missionaries
6 National Partners

Hindu World

2 Undisclosed Missionaries
24 National Partners


Latin World

Alex & Amy Galloway
Ruben & Leticia Gaytan
Bob & Dottie Hoppe
Rachel Mudder & Urias Martinez
Dan & Sue W.
Austin & Lynn Wolfe
National Partners


Eastern Europe

David & Katya Bute
Vic & Sue Jackopson
Jeri & Gloria Little
David & Mary Alice Stevens
Ronnie & Jane Stevens

National Partners


Specialized Foreign

Louis & Ann Carter
Leslie Foster
Joe & Ann Hale
Des & Lynn Harper
Kim Kargbo
Tom & Doreen Lewis
Roger & Abi Lowther
Ron & Betsy Man
Katelynn Meadows
Bob & Janie Till
2 Undisclosed Missionaries

Undisclosed Missionaries are labeled as such to protect them and their ministry.

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